Monday, September 08, 2008

monday moment

that is not a picture taken with my new camera. we just picked up a memory card today, and now i am reading through the manual and learning about all the complicated features. it might be a while before i really feel like i know what i'm doing with it. in the mean time, my wee camera will keep on clicking.

i am so over the humidity. i'm ready for lots of rain, and brisk fall days. this heat is making me sleepy. all day long.

i'm pretty sure that tomorrow a tirade of fall cleaning will commence. out with dead bugs and cobwebs, old books and softies, 1,000 origami frogs, dust, dust and more dust, clutter in each corner, dead electronica, and cardboard boxes that hold air. tashi has a thing for cardboard boxes. she'll color them. and then they will just float around the house with no real purpose. if she finds that i've disposed of a masterpiece, she will be scarred for life. it's a sensitive business, this.

as for the country home i posted about below, we've decided against it. sad, but true. our current landlord is willing to be reasonable about the rent increase, and is also willing to negotiate the selling the price of the house we're in. so we're going to give it a chance. in the mean time, the sweet rental by the river will find another family. it just wasn't the right time for us. sniffle.

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song of the selkie said...

good for you mom - taking care of those boxy masterpieces! they are like the tashi mahal, heehee! my mom used to tuck my kid doodles into her cookbooks and still finds them lurking on occasion even to this day!

sorry you didn't get that place, but ol' blue is pretty sweet too. i have been sleepy too and out here in okra homa the rain just keeps coming so i am having a lot of interesting dreams. my tomato plants are going nutso with all the good moisture, they keep plunking out new little pale green opal like jewels. so pretty.

i have TONS of japanese chili plants or chili d'arbol as the mexicans refer to them - a lot like thai chilies i think. would you like some as soon as they ripen?