Friday, November 14, 2008


today i feel like the unpacking turned a bend. i finally feel like i can sit in our living room area and just relax. it is amazing what getting some books up on the shelves will do for a room. that combined with moving the rocking chair so it is near the wood burning stove and kicking all boxes out of view.

also, i scored a marvelous retro lamp in mint condition from the spca thrift store. i don't think the lampshade is quite right for it, but it will do for now. it is "handcrafted" drip ceramic and wood. it still has a tag hanging from it. i can't quite identify it's decade. 50's? 60's? 70's? its tag says retro to me.

my sewing room is the next big mess i've got to tackle. the sewing room is actually the "mud room" i think. there is a door to the garage in it, and there is a big closet in which a utility sink, the washer and the dryer reside. there is also this huge awful mirror in there. what were they thinking, people? we can't really take it down, and even though i thought about installing a curtain over it, i also need to have some shelves there. a curtain with shelves in front of it might look a little, well, weird. weirder than this big ass mirror? not sure. any creative ideas on how to transform a mirror?

but now, i must get out of my frumpy sweat pants and t-shirt. tashi has an overnight with a friend, and dan and i are going on a date. i hope i can stay awake. . .


gwendomama said...

your living room looks like house and freaking garden, woman.

Zoe said...

ha. you should see the size of the dust bunnies under the couch!