Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i'm dreaming of a white tuesday

this morning i arose from bed and was absolutely amazed to see snow on the ground. perhaps this is an advantage of living at a higher altitude. i'm guessing it didn't snow in charlottesville, as even a dusting can send the whole town into a frenzy of alarmed uncertainty. schools have been closed on days when snow was simply "expected." i try not to be snide about it, but having grown up in a pennsylvania snow belt, and lived in both buffalo and ann arbor for periods of time, i just can't help but roll my eyes. i am always happy to see snow, and tashi is ecstatic, jumping out of bed without a quarter of the usual prompting, and squealing in between bites of bagel.

oops, we hadn't even raked the leaves yet!


Maria said...

We had a dusting here in Asheville, too! This is the third snow so far... usually we don't see snow until after Thanksgiving! I wonder if it will be a white winter??

cvillewords.com said...

It snowed in Cville, about the same amount you got, looks like. I of course called the school's special phone line just to see if maybe they closed. No such luck.

Not much snow, true, but the overpasses and bridges were a little slick.