Tuesday, November 25, 2008

thanksgiving thrift, or the post in which gender is revealed

before i sink my elbows deep into days of stuffing and mashed potatoes and basting the bird, i thought i'd treat myself to a little thrift session. i walked into the spca store, and saw that childrens clothing was half off. i hadn't yet purchased a thing for the gestating one, let alone make anything. so i started searching through piles. you see, many of tashi's old clothes -- which i have been holding onto all these years -- won't do. at least the floral, pink, frilly, skirted items won't. as society dictates, anyway.

but stripes will do.

and more stripes.

and motor vehicles! oh my!

and of course, ducks.

with tashi, the gender remained a mystery until she was delivered. but this time, we pretty much wanted to know as soon as we could. i think that after so many losses of little known souls (though i always had a sense), there is a desire to know as much as possible about this one.

i have been so nervous this pregnancy, not feeling entirely convinced it could possibly be. but as i approach my 19th week, and i begin to feel this little guy wiggle and dance, and start to focus on how we need to prepare for this new life entering our home, i find myself facing a bright, soft, sweet sunrise, and a warming breeze. i am beginning to embrace this new dawn, as clinging doubts and fears loosen and drift off.

i picked up a present for myself too. i've had my eye on this swan for a year. an entire year it has sat in that thrift store, unclaimed. today i found it at half price, and decided it had been waiting for me this whole time.

isn't she sweet? i think so!


Suzanne said...

WOW!!!!!!! That is so AWESOME!!!!! i can not WAIT to MEET him!!!

song of the selkie said...

a boy-o! bet he's going to look like you! i sure am stoked for you lady! send me some o' that momma vibe! i send u many hugs!


angelictenderbutton said...

For you to have a baby boy just seems right - I am glad that you now know who is coming to bless your family!

Cynthia said...

Congratulations my lady!!! So exciting! You know this is super duper exciting to a mom of three boys...let me know if you ever need anything boy. Definitely come play any old time!