Saturday, November 15, 2008

gray day, bright moments

dan and i did manage to pull off a date last night. we discovered a persian restaurant off of seminole trail, near rio road, called zam zam. there wasn't a huge selection of food there, but we had some nice kebabs while watching sad events on aljazeera tv.

afterwards we went to the full moon ball at fry's spring beach club. what a great place to see bands! i liked sarah white and ted pitney in particular. by the time jim waive and the young divorcees came on i was so tired we had to go after a few songs. but i was really impressed by his high energy band and in particular, the few originals i heard. and for a big hairy guy in a cowboy hat, he pulled off a pretty sensitive and stunning cover of patsy cline's crazy.

now it is a saturday, and the sky is full of leaves and rain and mist. i am supposed to do a photo shoot of a building an architect friend designed, but i am concerned about the dreary conditions. this photo shoot is a first for me. i also had a photo included in an online guide to amsterdam. they found it on flickr and asked if it could be included. i think it is the funny guy in orange that makes the photo. i seem to be having some good photo karma lately and am enjoying it.

to bring some color to this gray day, i'll add a few things i found in a bag of random papers i dumped out this morning. this was probably stuff piled on our coffee table that i gathered up before our move.

first there are some collages tashi and i did at a recent family art jam at the uva art museum. the collages were based on the el lissitzky exhibition.

first tashi's:

then mine:

in the bag of papers i also found this piece that tashi created sometime while i was running around busily packing up our former house. it is a flip book of sorts, so you can change the characters' clothing. love it! she is such a resourceful kid and continually astounds me.

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gwendomama said...

my beanie (suprgirl) is going to love this. i am going to show her this project and i am pretty sure she will try it out!