Sunday, November 23, 2008

saturday night movie

yesterday was a day of furniture placement adjustment, raking, and more unpacking of boxes. after tashi's favorite dinner of kasha varnishkes, we popped in the two towers, so to continue yet another round of the the lord of the rings trilogy. i've seen these films so many times, i actually fell asleep.

i guess one could call it cozy, with tashi and loki both on my lap, sitting by the fire, watching orcs and men.

here are two of my favorites.

today i have to make a thanksgiving shopping list, go with tashi to her school to participate in a class project, and once and for all, get my sewing room set up for some sort of production, minimal as it might be this holiday season.


Maria said...

Looks Cozy! We spent last night by the fire watching movies too! And today... off to shop for Thanksgiving! Great minds think alike :-)

Valerie 007 said...

Could use a fireplace here as the snowy pics of my yard show and it had snowed more since i've taken them!