Tuesday, March 24, 2009

first weekend of spring

it seems at least a quick update is due. it was a lovely sunny weekend. we did lots of lounging around saturday, with a walk thrown in. the calves are out in droves, and we had fun visiting a flock of bovine at a neighboring farm. can you call them a flock? i have been corrected -- it is a herd -- all shortfalls in language and logic to be blamed on the pregnant mind!

on sunday we headed up to the far reaches of crozet, below buck's elbow mountain, to a house a friend is renovating.

this is the back of the house

this is the entryway

hawker cooked up a terrific batch of french toast, with veggie sausage and fruit compote.

very tasty with the zing of ginger & orange

hawker & aurora

blossom & aurora

aurora is a baby i was honored with seeing come into the world, just last may. she is loads of fun and had a magnificent natural birth.

the light was beautiful on sunday, and i had fun snapping some rustic shots of a house in transition.

yes, all things good in life: sentient beings, food, sunshine, mountain air and the renewal of a solid house.

and then at home, we had a tasty dinner too.

i've really been loving tempeh lately

today i am giving a presentation on cyprus to tashi's class as they are studying ancient greek history. there will be a slide show, a lesson of some basic greek words, some show and tell, and food of course!

i will save the tales and tragedies of greek food preparation for recipe wednesday however, a blog event that tifanie is kick starting.

see you then!


Hathair said...

Hi, I'm Dani and just found your blog because were both in Virginia. Your baby is darling, and I wish it was sunny here.I'm in Chesterfeild, and it's just been cold and wet for weeks now. I'll be following your blog :] Cheers, -Hathair

tifanie said...

GREAT photos. very inspiring. that tempeh dish looks amazing. i'm so curious because i've never been very good at cooking with tempeh, even back when i was vegan. i hope you post a recipe soon! i love greek food... (so glad you're participating in the recipe swap, btw!). take care.

belvedere beads said...

these is almost nothing that makes me happier than to see an old home being brought back to life by a young family - cheers to your intrepid friends.