Friday, March 13, 2009


snow today.

melting quickly though.

and the belly photo patrice requested. i had to play with it a little in picnik first, because photos taken in splotchy bathroom mirrors can be a little strange anyway.

so much on my to-do list, i'm trying not to feel overwhelmed. just when you've bounced back from the holiday expenses, things like car inspections (and inevitably repairs), cat vaccinations, tuition contracts, broken clothes washers and this & that needed for a baby-almost-due tumble into one's sphere. excitement and terror skip along on either side of you, while you try not to let either knock you off balance. just when you come out of hibernation, you find yourself wanting to retreat to the nest. but that is where the eggs are laid, and all possibilities born.

i hope that you have a great weekend in your nest, or swooping in and out of it if so you choose.


patrice said...

I love this photo! Baby boy looks beautiful! Your face looks like photos you've taken of your daughters.

Voom Voom Veda said...

I agree with Patrice....your face is so much like sweet!
When is your baby due?

zoe krylova said...

i've always thought of tashi as looking so much like her dad. but our similarities seem to emerge as she gets older.

my due date is april 30. so close and yet so far!

Cat said...

lovely photos! I am a Virginia knitter also - I am glad I ran across your blog.