Sunday, March 29, 2009

sleepy baby blue light

we were hoping to be sprung from the hospital today, but learned that tristan's biliruben levels have increased. so he has been spending the day under the phototherapy lamp to clear himself of a mild case of jaundice, and we will probably be here another night.

thankfully the lamp is in our room, so we don't have to be separated from him. he seems to be taking to it quite well, completely relaxed and waking for his feedings. all i could do was cry when we first put the goggles on him, but really he doesn't seem to mind them that much. right now he is asleep on his tummy, and seems to quite love it. babies sleep the most deeply on their tummies, which is why it is a sids risk. but the nurse said that as long as i'm beside the bassinet, tummy time is a good way for him to be under the lamp.

he is otherwise doing so well for a 35 week baby. he is nursing like a champ and quite enjoying his wakeful moments of gazing at us and his new surroundings. he has got incredibly elegant long fingers. and his cheeks are delicious to kiss. i am so very much in love.

and he has already taken to tashi. all she has to do is sing to him in her sweet voice, and he calms. i just know she is going to be his goddess.

it would be so much better if we could do all this sitting around and gazing at each other at home, but the time will soon come. so right now i'll take advantage of being fed rather decent hospital food at regular intervals, and spending all my spare moments either sleeping, reading or online, because i don't have to cook or clean or do laundry just yet! hmmm, i am reminded of the value of knitting in times like these!


Linda Diane Feldt said...

he has a beautiful round healthy head!
You might hasten the liver kicking in and the jaundice being kicke dout by just holding the area of this liver - one hand on his back, one on his front, on the right side. Just holding, let that liver liver buzz in-between.
About 5- 10 minutes 3-4 times a day. Seems to help.
Hope you are home very soon.

jessie earth momma said...

I loved being cared for in the hospital! Take care.
What a wonderful big sis you are!

angharad said...

He looks perfect-congratulations!!