Tuesday, March 17, 2009

lunch blog update

as i eat a steaming bowl of matzo ball soup and take a little lunch break, i'll let you know i've had a rough couple of days recovering from food poisoning! what was i thinking when i ate crab crakes friday night???

i will spare you the details, but let's just say sunday morning started with nausea which eventually ended up with a sunday night full of the awful things that happen when you have food poisoning.

my body at least held out through the "blessing way" gathering a couple of my kind friends held for me on sunday afternoon.

it was a very sweet passage of stringing birth beads, cleansing away my fears and concerns about this major change coming our way, admiring special items placed on a birth altar, hearing the birth and parenting stories other women had to share, laughing, crying, and being crowned.

i was also gifted with lovely items, including the above beautiful crochet blanket handmade by molly.

on the drive home, the food poisoning hit hard, but i had a plastic bag open on my lap to spare my mother's car a rather unsavory mess. you can imagine the rest of the night.

yesterday my body was done with the purge, so i slept. baby moved a lot throughout it all, and i kept myself well hydrated, so i think he fared well.

now we're on to matzo ball soup, and life as usual. no more seafood this pregnancy.

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angelictenderbutton said...

this is terrible news, but I am glad you're feeling much better.

I love the pix from the gathering :)