Friday, March 20, 2009

thrift thursday

who says you can't have fun dressing boys? i scored some pretty sweet garments at the spca thrift shop on thursday. these items were in such great condition, and though they have a vintage look about them, the tags seem fairly contemporary. i think they came from abroad in a big steamer trunk. there were so many items, i really had to limit myself to just these. it will be a while before baby boy grows into them, so for now, i think they will hang on the walls (or against the sheet covering the huge mirror in my sewing room)!

the embroidery & smocking, oh so sweet.

visions of little toddler in these balloon pj's -- irresistible.

i also scored a bottomless box of pearly snaps from freecycle. these are just the snaps i love to use on the bend the rules bibs that i've been sewing. they are actually not cheap in any significant quantity, so to have a box full like this is quite a score.

this is a bib & blanket set i sewed up for a silent auction at our school.


patrice said...

I'm getting terrible baby lust thinking about your baby boy!
The monkey jumper and the balloon jammies get my vote for cutest.
I hope you are feeling well...

tifanie said...

wow! what incredible finds! and i LOVE the bib and blanket set you made! that must have been challenging to make those scalloped edges. it came out beautiful! love the colors. take care!

Tracey said...

What little gems! You have such a knack when you hit thrift stores - I am taking notes!

Mirela said...