Sunday, March 01, 2009


yesterday dan and i arose and, after a leisurely breakfast, took a morning walk. there is a side road nearby that i was curious about; it runs along the farm with some of my favorite animals: the laughng goat, the one eyed horse, the dreadlock llama, etc. this time as we approached the field all the animals came running over to the fence, even the llama, who is usually pretty aloof, and the laughing goat, who tends to stand back and smile. i didn't have food for them, but they remained friendly and engaged.

the one eyed horse (i have to give her a name of my own) and i shared another psychic moment, where she nuzzled up to my pregnant belly and let me give her lots of pats along her mane, snout and neck. i love this horse so much.

in addition to the farm animals was a dog, a sort of cross between a standard poodle and a sheep dog. she walked with us all the way up the road and back, and we had to keep throwing sticks to keep her from jumping on us and nipping at us. she was not very well behaved, nor the brightest bulb. we became more than a little impatient with her, but there was no real way to lose her.

it really became an adventure when we were headed back home on buck mountain road, and she continued to follow us. buck mountain road isn't exactly busy, but when cars drive by, they fly by. and this dog seemed to know nothing about road caution. we had to pull her back a couple of times, the drivers probably wondering why the heck we didn't have such a dumb dog on a leash. i became very upset, thinking that if she continued to follow us she would surely meet her death on her way home. so i insisted, somewhat to dan's chagrin, that we take her back to her house.

of course, no one answered the door when we rang the doorbell. the garage was wide open. the mercedes and the jaguar were in the driveway. but no one was answering that door. so what did we do the with the dog who was again going to follow us down to the busy road? we opened up the gate to the pasture where the farm animals roam, and hauled her in there, latching the gate behind us. it was a little sad seeing her run alongside the fence trying to figure out a way to get out. if she had half a wit about her she would have realized that there was a gap in the gate big enough for her to jump through. but i knew she was safe there, and her owners would see her eventually.

ah, countryside adventures. she kind of ruined that nice woodsy side road for us though. not sure if we will ever adventure to walk down there again.

this morning we arose to a blanket of snow. apparently, more is expected. will tomorrow be a snow day? we shall see.

what more appropriate to make on a snowy day but a penguin softie. tashi made this, with very little help for me. she has been dying to make something for the baby. i think it is about the cutest thing i have ever seen.

i also made another blanket. yesterday i stopped at the fabric store and saw this brown and cream colored bunny fabric which i thought would look good with the brown and white polka dot fabric i've had for some time now. it makes a nice light cotton blanket, for warmer days.

tonight we are going to watch surfzilla play at beer run. i haven't seen them perform in a while, and always like their acoustic sets. should be fun.

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