Sunday, April 19, 2009

out & about

dan's sister barb & her husband dan visited this weekend. the weather was stunning, so we decided it was a good time to introduce tristan to the big world. his only outings have included two visits to the doctor's office, and a couple of walks around the yard. so we bundled him into the car and were off! (the carseat terrifies me, the way his head flops around. how will i ever go anywhere alone with him?)

the moby wrap served us well; he hung out in it almost the whole time we walked around the downtown mall. we visited the pavilion, where there was an ecofest and some really good music. unfortunately, as is the way with the pavilion, it was just too loud for newborn ears. we visited a few stores, and nursed on a good bench outside cha cha's boutique, under the mirror ornaments that sprinkle colorful drops of light upon all who pass. after some more walking we hunkered down in mudhouse for a while where i continued to resist the urge for coffee.

finally, we ate dinner at a bustling beer run. i had a delicious plate of perfectly grilled veggies atop pesto pasta. it was so good. as was the small glass of amber ale. we were given a table in a private nook outside, and it couldn't have been a more splendid day for eating out of doors.

tristan was content, and mostly sleeping, the whole time. when we got home he had nice long wakeful period, and then a mostly good night on the sleep front.

and so it is sunday, the orthodox easter, and tashi's first baseball game of the season. my mother will be cooking up a feast!

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