Wednesday, April 01, 2009

focal point

we are drifting around in a sleepy bliss, waiting for the moments when tristan opens his bright eyes and gazes back at us.

or the contemplative moments, when he chooses to observe his new world.

the cats are not sure what to make of the new addition, but loki has seemed rather the protective lion.

tashi can't get enough of her little brother.

and i can't believe our new reality. how things can carry on as they have, yet be so very different.

who are you little tristan? what story will unfold with your each and every day? we can't thank you enough for choosing us as your family.


Danny said...

A beautiful poem - thank you.

Hey, he's got more hair than me!

patrice said...

I love the shape of his head and his beautiful features. So fine, so wise!
The overall euphoria in your household is evident in every picture.

I love the color and knit of the blanket in the last photo!

With warmth,