Sunday, April 19, 2009

wip: baby mobile

there is a cool baby mobile in sweet booties. it involves making 48 fabric yo-yos, stringing them together, and attaching them to a embroidery hoop covered with satin ribbon. in these interrupted and somewhat distracted days, it will take me forever to make the yo-yos. but i'm working on it.

and i've learned how to make fabric yo-yos. there are so many surprises in the galaxy of needle and thread!

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tifanie said...

i LOVE this! i've been wanting to make a small curtain out of these for EVER. but i just haven't done it yet. i save all my favorite fabric scraps in a box and one of these days i'm going to pull it out and focus on yoyo's for a while. i'm so excited to see how this comes out! you guys look so cozy together. take care...