Monday, April 13, 2009

spring colors

the yard is really beginning to show its colors. rhododendron and azalea, dogwood and redbud are competing for attention. tristan's wakeful periods are getting longer, which keeps our attention on him. the longer i can gaze into those of eyes of his, the better. but he's also been a little uncomfortable of late. it appears to be indigestion, though it could just be newborn adjustments to life on earth. i had some luck this evening putting him in the moby wrap for the first time. it was like tucking him back into the womb.

on easter (which is ostara) there was the obligatory egg hunt. yia yia grilled up some delicious souvlaki for dinner. if cyprus had a flavor, it would be souvlaki. i enjoyed a momentary visit to my homeland, if only by mastication.

and so it continues. the timeless tick of days passing. while all things unfold in the spring damp, our miracle unfolds in the dry spring interior of our home.


Danny said...

But when the Sun, the father of the Heliades, has dipped his rays In the waves, and the quiet stars have circled the twin poles,Orion will lift his mighty shoulders above the earth:And the next night the Dolphin will be seen.

Danny said...

Ovid Fasti Book VI

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