Saturday, April 25, 2009

spring sun, spring storms

we are enjoying this season of change. every day the yard fills out with new leaves and blossoms. every day our little boy opens his eyes for longer stretches, gazes further into the distance, looks at us with bemused almost-smiles, and increases in heft and strength and edible cheeks. tashi sketches the changes in the world around her, rides her bike back and forth in the driveway, grows more skilled in baseball as the season commences and her team readies for its second game. the changes come so quickly and then night falls, bringing with it the brightest stars, under which there is sleeping and waking and more transformation to be revealed in the morning light.

i think tristan and i will have a regular morning meditation on the porch swing. each time i sit there with him, he settles and gazes, spring blossoms reflecting in the pools of his eyes. and then he sleeps, birdsong in his ears.

he's been introduced to many new things lately.


cloth dolls.

horses (he is all tucked in the sling there).

and this morning, a first bath in his little tub (his cord stump just fell off this week). i have no photos of his first bath, because he was rather unhappy with it, unfortunately. water the wrong temperature? tub not comfortable? or just not in the mood? what irks a little baby is often times a mystery, but it is hard to see him unhappy, and then feel the stress escalate, and then find that dan and i are snapping at each other because we have differing theories about what is causing the problem. but the little storms always pass, and the little baby never seems to love us any less.


Lindsey said...

Thanks for sharing your photos of your precious moments with your family, the photos are stunning and your little one is growing so quickly.
regards, Lindsey

Illoura said...

Hi Zoe, I ran into your blog while looking for pictures of 'covered particle board shelves', and am glad I did, even tho' there's not too much DIY on that topic.
You write very cute one section and ethereal and enviable the next- and I found myself smiling A LOT. After reading todays news, and copying lots of paperwork for a re-fi, today had turned just BLAH. And here you are with all your words hanging out there- lovely and sweet and interesting and brave. (I have a photo blog).
Also, it caught my eye about your name change, something I had waiting more than 10 years to do because of the same reasons (although in Colorado it's a little more work, money, and waiting than you implied). It's a good feeling (I had a typo: freeling)when you feel your name fits, and you described it wonderfully: like giving birth to your name, to yourself. I appreciate that a lot.
Thank you for sharing so much of your life, and for lifting my mood from the edges of despair at the end of a day.
~ Illoura (that's not my real name tho')