Friday, July 03, 2009

country moment

even though the baby slept for eight hours straight last night, i somehow managed to go to bed late. he awoke this morning for a 6am nursing, kicked and cooed for about an hour, and now lies blissfully asleep as i consider baking cinnamon rolls! someday i will catch up on my sleep, but right now, the rare moment of quietude and possibility can't be avoided! a cacophony of birds urges me to begin the day.

this last week marked my return to work with baby in tow. simultaneously i came across this article on it helped to boost my confidence. things went quite well, really. tristan had good stretches of sleep in the sling both days i was in the office. tashi did a great job of entertaining him while he was awake. we nursed and visited co-workers when restlessness set in. there were a few high stress moments. we're just going to have to learn how to navigate those. it helped when i brought in a standing lamp on my second day, so i could turn off the overhead fluorescent lights. phew.

free time is rare now. i also have to put in work hours from home. so many things that have already fallen to the wayside slip even further out of reach (remember that baby mobile i was making? hahahahaha). we will find our routine and some sort of balance. and i will really have to learn how to prioritize things (like maybe i should read some poetry before bed rather than clicking through everyone's facebook status?). but for now, i'll take advantage of the 6am wakings, so i can eek out a blog entry, bake cinnamon rolls and perhaps leaf longingly through some sewing books.

off to the kitchen!

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song of the selkie said...

sounds like you're still able to squeeze a small space of you time into the day and that's admirable considering all you have in tow :)!

that photograph makes me want to eat grass, how delicious is the green kingdom!!