Thursday, July 23, 2009

quick tribute

i forgot to mention the great show we saw at the charlottesville pavilion last "fridays after five." it was bill kirchen and his band, the hammer of the honky tonk gods. an ann arbor native, he is well known for his 60's band, commander cody. i was skeptical at first, thinking i was about to see some old washed up guy. but from the start i was blown away by the energy, talent and humor he laid before us. "hotrod lincoln," is a song dan has performed with his various bands. it was really cool to see the original, all ten minutes of it!

amongst other tunes, he also did some terrific bob dylan, not immortalized on youtube unfortunately . it was a fun evening: eating dinner on our blanket, running into friends, watching hoopers nearby, and in general relaxing with the family.

other than that, we have been engaged in a serious study of the hand around here.

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patrice said...

I love the photo of the two darlings!
T looks so happy with her arms full!