Saturday, July 18, 2009

sugar snap consignment

when tashi was a baby and we lived in the san francisco bay area, i used to frequent consignment shops that sold kid items. many were the clothes i acquired (as well as an old wooden changing table) from the consignment shops. thrift stores are great, but rather hit or miss. when you walk into a consignment shop that specializes in children's stuff, you are guaranteed some good finds.

just as i was bemoaning the fact that charlottesville had no consignment shops for kidstuff, vijay owens took it upon herself to open one up!

sugar snap consignment, located in york place on charlottesville's downtown mall, has a plethora of items: baby accessories & furnishings, clothing for infants to children size 10, and locally hand crafted items such as awesome wool soakers, pretty hair accessories and paintings and photographs for the nursery. some of those photographs are taken by me!!! [yes i have just slipped in a little shameless self promotion]

consignment is a great way to go, not only for purchases, but for recycling your own items and getting a little return for your efforts. it is also a great idea to buy gifts for the new parents from a consignment shop; vijay has put together some beautiful baby shower baskets filled with the early essentials. so i encourage parents and those seeking gifts to support this new venture in charlottesville, and the wonderful woman who is putting her heart and soul into it!


glam.spoon said...

looks like a great store... and your photographs are loveley!

superbalanced said...

Hi thanks so much for writing this. I'm Vijay's husband Charles Owens. I really appreciate the time you took to write this very nice piece.

Thanks again,

zoe krylova said...

No problem, Charles! My blog doesn't get much traffic, so I'm not sure how much the write up will really help. But it certainly can't hurt!