Monday, July 13, 2009

weekend ingredients

another pair of hand sewn trousers, based on amanda soule's instructions in the creative family. the vintage pajama shirt was given to me long ago by a roommate, and i decided it was time to transform it.

tristan, in his usual good natured manner, approved.

flowers, butterflies, horses. there was a neighborhood walk to visit our horsefriend. and there was a drive through the deep jungles of nelson county in order to pick up tashi from a friend's rustic homestead.

and pizza at dr. ho's humble pie. mmmm.

hope your weekend was full of good ingredients.


Anonymous said...

A mutual friend turned me on to your blog. It's nice keeping up with you.
Amy (Butler) Stevens

zoe krylova said...

is this amy butler from bradford? wow! i have thought of you often and wondered what you are up to these days. do you have a facebook account? lots of old classmates on facebook!