Saturday, July 11, 2009

summer red

just a couple of pics with the trusty little point and shoot. i find it hard sometimes to lug around the slr with the baby in tow. above is a preview of my awesome new bloomers sent from our pal sonic in san francisco. they are made by smarty jones designs and have reflective ribbon on them for those days that you've got to bike in your bloomers!

nothing says cozy like the carpe donut truck parked at the charlottesville pavilion for fridays after five. what better way to celebrate the end of a week but with star hill on tap, a steamy organic donut and fine music!

by the way, this post does not originate on facebook. my blog has a feed to facebook. i just felt the need to clarify that, just in case you are reading this on facebook. i sometimes consider disabling the feed, because i feel like blog entries lose some context when not viewed within their blog framework. but maybe it's just me!


glam.spoon said...

I love the interconnectedness of blogs and facebook and twitter... but sometimes I do forget how I got someplace... I love the donut truck. it's a nice photo too... and thanks for the tip on the bloomer-designers! so cute.

tifanie said...

no way! an organic donut cart? what could be better! and they have star hill (is that beer?) on tap? wow. why can't one of those park itself near me!! also, i totally empathize with the whole blog feed on facebook thing. now most of my facebook friends only check out my blog through facebook and it clearly loses it's integrity when viewed in that context. i kinda wish facebook would just say, "tifanie blogged..." and then leave the link to my actualy BLOG. but, oh well. anyway, it's not just you. i agree wholeheartedly. thanks for continuing to visit my blog on my actual blog! have a lovely day... *

zoe krylova said...

tifanie, the star hill on tap (a local beer) is sold from a neighboring stand. the donut truck just sells organic donuts and apple cider, and a few other tasty delights! and yes, i agree, i wish facebook would somehow site the actual blog. there is a small link at the bottom to view the original post, but i doubt anyone ever clicks it!