Tuesday, July 07, 2009

who wears the pants in this family?

at last, i've sewn an actual garment (unless bibs count as garments)! amanda soule's book -- the creative family -- in hand, as well as a t-shirt i'll never wear, i followed the instructions for making kid trousers from old shirts.

tristan was sleeping.

tashi was reading.

and i was sewing. in no time, i made these!

when tristan woke up, despite the terribly clashy onesie, we tried them on right away (after nursing and pooping of course). it's a nearly perfect fit, with some room to grow. and i think he approves!

i can't wait to sew up a whole stack of them! it will bring a new light to shirt shopping at thrift stores. . .


patrice said...

The kids and the pants.
Isn't the need for creative expression(and economy) strong?

glam.spoon said...

congratulations! he looks very happy in those pants.

tifanie said...

wow! i love them! that's so great! how cozy. i want some... *