Sunday, August 02, 2009

feeling august

happy lughnasadh weekend to all!

it is sunday, so why not post about last sunday?

last sunday we had a picnic under the ancient oak tree. most people that live around here have seen it at one time or another. it is on earlysville road, near an old chapel, just before the airport. we drive past it every day.

sitting under the oak one experiences a remarkable mix of old and new worlds. cars pass swiftly on road below, airplanes roar as they ascend from nearby runway, electrical towers loom close by. yet under big gnarled branches of steadfast tree, one has a sense that faeries are dangling their legs, watching with bemused expressions. there is a stunning view of the blue ridge. wind conducts a symphony of leaves. grasses in surrounding meadow rattle and bend. a variety of colorful bugs and small birds visit. it is a truly lovely spot for a picnic.


patrice said...

These pictures really tell the story. Especially T's eye with the trees reflection.
Wonderful post.

Mediterranean Views said...

Old trees have such special energy. Grand day under a grand tree! I love the pic of you and your duaghter under the tree from a far.
Amy in Spain