Thursday, August 13, 2009

thing thursday

yes, i am trying to have little themes here, to motivate me daily. alliteration is not required, but seems to crop up regardless. thursday has at times been thrift thursday. but thing thursday casts a wider net. a day to talk about, well, any:thing! this can include thrifted treasures, a favorite corner of my home, tashi's creations, beloved gifts, special books.

which leads me to a recent find, ritual of the hearth, an awesome hippy dippy cookbook i found at a used bookstore yesterday.

it features trippy line drawings and some of the oddest and most enticing recipes, like pearadise, oatmeal nectar, queen of mushroom soup, kumquat relish, celery hearts hurrah, sour cherry soup and crepes rhubarb. the recipes are seasonally arranged and menus are provided for a number of cosmic occasions, such as dawn of spirit, a moonlight picnic, feast of scorpio, and isolation.

another thing: tashi recently started a button collection. aunt sue alerted the masses, and nanna was the first to send in a deposit. the bag full of buttons was promptly emptied on to the rug, where we sat sorting them into piles of cloth buttons, metal buttons, christmas buttons, etc. when i was in sixth grade i collected beer cans. my daughter is doing so much better!

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