Tuesday, August 11, 2009

self portrait: tuesday

i decided to play along with the flickr group. perhaps you will as well?

i am having a quiet little creativity crisis here. lacking time & energy to transmute. lots of little projects in my head, jotted on lists, but always at the tail end of what is required in my day.

i hope to blog more frequently as a form of creative exercise. my entries might become shorter. i may post single photographs. word experiments. scraps. but if i post at least something daily, i will manage to briefly touch upon my planet. and right now, that is important.

perhaps some days will have their own theme. i am hoping to create more suitcase poems. suitcase saturday, perhaps. sunday may be a round up of the week's most excellent moments. and so on. there has to be room for spontaneity of course.

so i begin this process with self portrait tuesday. cheers!


tifanie said...

oh boy, do i relate to this post. i have lists all over my desk, in my purse, on the kitchen counter... great photo, zoe. i'm so glad you're playing along. sometimes the only thing i can get to in the week is a post to this group or to the haiku group (or bench monday - have you seen that?) and THAT'S IT. but i still feel like i did SOMETHING! haha. i just had to let go of a bunch of creative things i took on (classes and such) that are really impossible to focus on right now... and so i'm sinking in to just hanging with my kids at the park and on various adventures around town and it's been kind of nice to let go, even though i thought it would kill me not to get to dabble in all the creative projects i thought i needed to work on. anyway, blah, blah, blah. have a lovely evening and enjoy your beautiful family! *

Valerie 007 said...

Never having enough time to do what one would like unfortunately is a common problem, but you're still enjoying life and that's what is important! The mighty tree is a beautiful shot and must be an impressive sight. Good luck on your new business venture at sugar snap. The kids look great!