Thursday, August 20, 2009

thing thursday: a camping we will go

as dan grinds coffee beans soon to be percolated on the campstove, i'm taking a break from packing everything from canned beans to diaper wipes, flash lights to board books.

preparing for camping can take as long as the camping excursion itself, but once you're lying on a blanket in the blue ridge, you find that the hub bub was well worth the effort.

there is nothing like being outside all weekend long.

when ever tristan is having a fussy moment at home, all i have to do is step outside. he calms, cranes his neck to look at the trees, and whoops a little. i think our wee lad is going to love camping.

to add to the fun, we're camping with friends. tashi gets to sleep in a tent with a her pal, while the parents sip adult beverages around a camp fire.

things, yes, things. camping things. lanterns. cookware. sleeping bags. tents. canned goods. produce. dry goods. ice. diapers. books. socks. sleepwear. rope. plant guides. binoculars.

and off we go. . .


tifanie said...

zoe, that sounds divine. i wish i could be there with you guys. the description of the coffee makes my mouth water for it, even though it is nearly 11 at night! beautiful banner and photos. have a fantastic trip! you are going to have so much fun. can't wait to hear all about it. xo tifanie

Valerie 007 said...

Ahh... i remember the days of camping, but our camping equipment sadly has sat unused for many years. Enjoy your weekend and even though its past peek maybe the Perseids meteor shower will inspire.