Sunday, August 16, 2009

sunday round up

it's been a busy week, but busy of the best variety. dan's sister visited in the beginning of the week, and my brother arrived at the end of the week. so there have been drives through the beautiful countryside, picnics whilst listening to live music, investigations of the downtown mall, forays into the university of virginia, giggles with tristan and games with tashi.

in the mean time, tristan has started to roll over, is just a couple ounces shy of seventeen pounds and has evidenced much interest in the ice cream cone. it will be quite a while before he gets to devour the sweet stuff, no matter how much his sister wants to give him a taste. oh, and we're pretty sure he can say, mom. but of course.

today we visited the new mudhouse in crozet, a light filled, airy and elegant coffeehouse that has been a long time coming to that community.

a camping trip is being planned for next weekend, so in between everything else, i will have to inventory our camping supplies and prepare for our first tent adventure with tristan. i am very much looking forward to a little weekend escape into the blue ridge.

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