Friday, November 27, 2009

grateful friday

now that the feasting and indulgence has passed (well, not really, as we have left overs galore!), i find myself thinking about what i am grateful for.

there are so many people and things, that this could turn into a very long post if i mentioned them all. for now, i will mention the people i see each and every day. my life would be nothing without them.

i am grateful for the miracle of our baby boy, who joined us in march after several years of trying and dreaming and crying and hoping for another child. i am so very grateful he is here, and for the joy he brings us every single day with his smile, his laughter, his developing language, his delicious cheeks, his intelligent eyes and his very gentle touch.

and i am certainly equally grateful for our amazing daughter, who has taught me so many things about being a parent, a human and a friend! looking at tristan, i am constantly reminded of tashi's baby days, the magic of being a new mom to such a delightful girl. she has graced our lives with laughter, song, a unique vision, boundless creativity, kindness, sensitivity and heaps of love. my heart is so full with her, that it is hard to believe there could be room for anyone else. but indeed, hearts are flexible this way!

these children wouldn't be who they are without my husband, dan, who every day graces my life with his kindness, his intelligence, his hard work, his patience, his support, his beauty and his loving heart. i never, ever thought i would be so lucky. words are not enough to express. . . thank you dan, for being who you are.

and there are our two cats, who are a perfect example of unconditional love. they make us laugh, and sometimes they make us growl. but they are a presence i can't imagine our lives without.

i am of course grateful for my parents, my friends, my in-laws, and for many friends near and far. i am grateful for this lovely home, for the farm animals and the wild animals, for books, computers, birds, good food & good music! yes, the list could go on and on, but it wouldn't be thanksgiving without at least this mentioning of how grateful i am for this very life that i live.

and now, a few photos from our day of feasting:

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