Tuesday, November 17, 2009

self portrait: tuesday

we've been reading to tristan since he was a newborn. one of the first books that he responded to with great interest was charley harper's abc's. another book that grabs his attention is down by the station, featuring everyone's favorite baby animals. a recent favorite is little gorilla. he goes absolutely ape for it. ahem.

in the above photo we are captured reading, peek-a who?, which provides the opportunity to peek at oneself, a favorite activity for our little man. yes, this is how we often spend our time. baby on my lap with a book in front of us.

and there are the old classics, books that tashi loved and now tristan is equally enamored with:

grandfather twilight
kitten's first full moon
mr. brown can moo
some of my best friends are polka dot pigs
green eggs and ham
a fairy went a-marketing

he studies the photos attentively, reaches out and runs his fingers along them, and occasionally tries to have a taste. he smiles wide, kicks his feet and coos. there is little that is more pleasing than a baby who already has a deep respect for books.

and a wee bit of a fascination with his own reflection. . .

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