Thursday, November 19, 2009

thing thursday

yesterday i was at the thrift store and spotted a piece of art that i was drawn to. i looked at it and looked at it again. when i looked more closely, i realized the frame was a mess. if i purchased it, would i ever actually reframe it? i have things right now that have been sitting around for years, unframed. beautiful things. but framing is always on the back burner for me. just not a priority as far as expense goes.

so i walked away from the funky piece.

but i thought about it and thought about it again.

so today i went back and bought it. and i hung it on my wall, despite the gacked frame and the water stained matte.

i'm so glad i did.

the photo was taken in bad light. it is actually much more green and blue, as my flickr photo taken at the thrift store will attest.

so can anyone tell me about it? it looks 50's/60's era, tiki kitsch. it has textured white paint on it. but under the paint there is a print of some sort. there is no signature.

and today, it is the thing.

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