Monday, November 16, 2009

homemade monday

i guess i have a few things to share aside from the homemade mess i live in (can you say cobwebs, clutter and cave crickets ten times, fast?).

first of all, check out this darling knit set my mom made for the baby boy. chunky, soft and very fashionable. thanks mom! tristan looks quite handsome in knits, if i must say so myself. he is, however, sleeping through his modeling gig.

as for my projects at a snail's pace, i made another block. i think it might be even less cubular than the last.

i am managing a couple of stitches a week on this onesie. i'm working on it so little that the tiki guy has pretty much lost his novelty. i will complete it, i will.

finally, a box of happy vibes (in poor lighting). tashi picked up a book of projects, quizzes and questions for mothers & daughters. one project was this box which we covered with pretty papers. we each place random objects in the box, things that make us smile. sweet, eh?

i hope your week is filled with happy vibes, in and out of the box.

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