Tuesday, November 24, 2009

self portrait: tuesday

do pictures i've taken of someone else's pictures of me count as self portraits? today they are going to have to!

it's been a rather unusual day, beginning with a camera man from channel 19 coming to my house to interview me about my blog, and culminating with two clips on the news. when i started keeping this blog five years ago, i never really thought anyone would take notice. and so i feel truly honored.

but if you've come here to read about "exotic travel," i'm afraid you won't find much more than stories about walks in my neighborhood! it's been almost two years since we last visited cyprus. and the only bits i've featured about my year in india (which took place almost a decade ago) are excerpts from my unpublished manuscript. but if you care to read about either experience, you will find links on my sidebar.

as for homemade monday, i'm not sure how much i'll be able to share as the holidays approach. but here is a little preview of something i'm working on now.

happy thanksgiving eve, ya'll.

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