Friday, January 08, 2010

free form friday, in which i eat too much caramel corn

today tashi's class celebrated her birthday. i was asked to prepare a snack and received a very enthusiastic response from tashi when i suggested caramel corn. it was my first time making the stuff. the first batch was created with this recipe. the second batch i made using dan's family cookbook. the main differences between the two are that one recipe calls for vanilla while the other doesn't, one recipe calls for baking soda while the other calls for cream of tartar, and one recipe has some water added in while the other doesn't. both were delicious and even better mixed together.

the problem now is that i can't stop eating the stuff. and tristan is envious.

may your weekend be sweet!


Maria said...

A Ha Ha!!! Thank you for the giggle! I love Tristan's little baby Jaba picture! Leif had his first cookie today... now I've done it!

Sondra said...

Tristan made me lol... Delightful.

patrice said...

tee hee!

alice said...

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