Sunday, January 31, 2010

sweet snow

we were hit with another snow storm this past weekend. it seems that people were better prepared this time around, and it helped that the storm didn't coincide with friday rush hour. it certainly wasn't as severe as the last, but 10+ inches is no small matter for this area. i'm grateful that our electricity didn't fail.

so we spent our weekend housebound, with forays outside for sledding and shoveling.

i stayed inside with tristan, who has a cold. he appreciated the glinting white blanket from one side of the sliding glass doors.

snow seems to bring out the sweet tooth. another loaf of monkey bread was prepared and consumed with a variety of warm beverages.

today tashi and her friend rachel came inside from an afternoon of sledding and were greeted with warm pumpkin muffins.

and then there was the snow cream, which i first read about in this cozy blog.

tashi and i agreed that it was the best vanilla ice cream we'd ever had.

and so it was a good weekend of warm fires, seasonal play, delicious food and music, sweet music. . .


tifanie said...

so sweet. :::

Anonymous said...

this is totally randon but do you know where Sugar Snap is now? I went there last month and it's gone! Thank you.

Zoe said...

it is in the same plaza as whole foods, about five doors down and in the corner, same wing as the fabric store and the used book store.