Thursday, January 07, 2010

thing thursday

thing #1. this elf pulling a cabbage cart that i found at the thrift store. i can't resist a good elf.

thing #2. a charming rooster dish, also thrifted. i love the colors.

thing #3 and thing #4. these paintings. they are by my departed uncle, lonia efthyvoulou. he made beautiful paintings of the countryside, coastline and architecture of cyprus. he gave me a few small paintings one summer when we visited cyprus a few years ago, and i finally put them into some floating frames, to at least protect them and get them on the wall. one of these days i'll have them properly framed, but for now, i think this works nicely.

and another painting by lonia would make thing #5. i sure do miss the sea, especially at this time of year.

thing #6 is a nine month old baby who is crossing all sorts of developmental thresholds. we've decided that he can most definitely say, "cat!" he also says "dada" and "mama" and the many variations there in. last night he was talking in his sleep and he very clearly said, "dad!" but when distressed, it's "mum!" that he wants. "dada" also seems to mean "cool," or "right on." and i'm pretty sure "dat" means "that." on other fronts, he cut five teeth in a week. he's been handling it quite well, considering. and recently he has started leafing through his board books, rather than bringing them straight to his mouth.

that's our boy! taking after his sister, of course.

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