Monday, January 25, 2010

homemade monday and etc.

it was a fine weekend of hanging out with the family, eating quinoa chili, watching u.s. ice skating championships (meryl davis and charlie white are a magical act) and playing a game or two or three.

as the temperatures reached a spring like warmth, we decided to scrub down tashi's 11 year old tough traveler and take tristan for hike. this baby carrier has been to the himalayas and back and has weathered many a rugged trail in northern california. tristan was psyched to be outside in the big kid backpack.

and we also were grateful for the mild weather.

and finally, i squeezed in a little sewing time to make yet another blanket. i've had the owl fabric for a while and was undecided on whether to back it with a remnant of this super-soft fleecy green (to match minimal amounts of green in the little leaves). but i decided to do it.

i think it turned out pretty well and will probably add it to tristan's birthday stash, to be revealed to him in just two short months.

i really can't believe how quickly the time slips by. . .

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