Wednesday, January 13, 2010

insomnia soliloquy

it was already very late and just as i was drifting into sleep, i heard one of our cats crying in distress. i pulled myself out of bed to see what was the matter. apparently it was nothing, as she stopped as soon as i saw her. she proceeded to follow me up the stairs and jump into bed with me, purring and pacing on top of my legs.

then my nose started to bleed.

then the baby woke up wanting to nurse.

the cat had settled and so had the baby, but i was filled with that jittery insomnia feeling. so here i am, drinking tea, blogging to ease my mind, and trying not to stress over the fact that in less than four hours the alarm goes off and i have to prepare for the work day in which baby comes into the office with me.

i have been rather neglectful of the blog, of most creative endeavors, of house work, reading and exercise.

handmade is on my mind. the next thing i want to make is a hat from an old sweater. a few hats, perhaps. and i want to make some more baby trousers from old shirts. and perhaps another lap quilt, for tristan's first birthday. yes, he will be one in just two and a half months. ** sigh **

and have i mentioned, the boy has teeth. do you see three of them in the photo below?

tristan is also exploring the the capability of his hands to pull, poke and pinch. he thinks my face is a great excavation site.

hopefully soon there will be a little more creativity radiating from ye old blog. but currently, i think the winter blues have set in.

right now the problem at hand is my sleeplessness. i will crawl under the covers and dream of dreams.

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Valerie 007 said...

The lenghthening days may soon help with the winter blues- I know i'm glad that sunset is finally after 5pm ! I haven't slept through the night in so long i'm actually thinking about seeing the dr. about it. Hope you have a great day!