Friday, March 12, 2010

free form friday

as the rain falls steadily and tristan's first birthday approaches, i find myself reminiscing about the rainy spring of 2009. this evening i pulled up last year's march blog entries, and read through them. what a mysterious, magical time.

tristan seems to be transforming into a toddler before my very eyes, an active, strong-willed, loud toddler. there are melt downs, and a smile that melts me down. i feel some sadness as his infancy drifts away, but am so excited to meet this boy and all that he has in store for us!

the cheery towel in the above photo was found at the thrift store yesterday, along with a few other random items.

tashi and i have an alice date planned this weekend, and there is a whole lot of spring cleaning to be done around here. but i wouldn't be surprised if we all just snuggle around the wood burning stove, play some games, and enjoy the sound of the rain hitting all surfaces. or maybe the water from the cat bowl being splashed about?

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