Wednesday, March 17, 2010

work wednesday


i had a difficult morning before work. tristan fought me as i changed his diaper, put him in fresh clothing and pulled on his hat & jacket. i turned away for a minute to grab my jacket from the hall closet and knew i was doomed when i heard a tell tale clunk. he'd made his way to the cat's water bowl and was sitting in a small pond. nothing a little sunlight can't cure.


next week tristan will have his first birthday and it will probably be the last week i take him to work on a regular basis. mobility, curiosity, power cords, swinging doors, office machinery and steep stairwells are not a great mix. i passed his bouncy seat onto a pregnant coworker who will soon be bringing her infant to work. i felt a bit of sadness, but also gratitude that i've been in a workplace that has such spectacular tolerance of children & babies.


a shadow full of spring blooms says it all. let the seeds manifest in their fabulous unfolding.

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Voom Voom Veda said...

That last photo is terrific! Glad you got to keep your babe a babe for a while at least, within reach and sight! Tis a precious gift.
Take care!