Sunday, March 21, 2010

sunday round up

this weekend passed in the blink of an eye. it was spent mostly doing some much needed spring cleaning. what boggles the brain is that i only took care of one closet in one room. there is still so much to do.

saturday night we had a brief respite from the chores of home by attending a play. the miracle worker was put on by our school's 8th grade class. it was an excellent performance of an intense story.

the one advantage of not having a performance space in your school (for the time being) is that the 8th grade play takes place in charlottesville's live arts theater. here is my view from a bench where i nursed tristan before ducking into the play (tristan and dan enjoyed the spring evening on the outdoor mall).

i definitely don't get out enough!

but that changes a little this week when i get to go see joanna newsom at the jefferson theater!

i have been listening to her new album, albeit slowly, and today am hooked on this song, which gives me the goosebumps. this isn't a video really, but the lyrics show up!

i've been thinking a lot about this time last year, the first weekend of spring. we had a lovely brunch at hawker and blossom's house in crozet. i was hugely pregnant, but thought i had at least another month ahead of me. i wrote a post about the weekend the day before my water broke five weeks early and tristan changed our lives forever. tashi, dan and i have had an incredible year with him! each day he makes our hearts explode with love.

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