Monday, March 15, 2010

homemade monday: monsters & co.

there were some busy hands this weekend, a few embroidered place mats in the works, fabrics for a birthday crown gathered, another bend the rules blanket completed and a friendly monster who needs to be stuffed.

tashi is into making friendly monsters. the first one she made a couple of years ago from a tutorial on the crafty crow. she calls it fuzzawumble. the second is her very own invention.

in the works this weekend was a fuzzawumble for tristan. it has yet to be stuffed, but is just lovely.

i completed another blanket, same fabric as the last.

this one was for a very special small girl who's path lead her into the arms of some awesome parents. she's in for some fun, and so are they.

and there was the music coming out of tashi's violin. music is homemade, isn't it?

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