Monday, March 22, 2010

homemade monday: the tale of two crowns

i made tristan's birthday crown this weekend. in fact, i made him two crowns.

when i first photocopied the pattern from the book the creative family, i did not enlarge it enough (yes, even simple percentages can throw me). but i realized my error and made a second accurate enlargement. for what ever reason i kept the too-small pattern along with the correct one. when i went to make the crown, i grabbed the first pattern that i saw, forgetting that there were two. as i was tracing it i thought to myself, my this looks small. but i carried on as i so often do, like when my sewing machine is threaded incorrectly and i'm wondering why the stitches are uneven. don't make my mistake! stop and evaluate the situation!

so when the crown was done and i was feeling pleased as punch, i discovered the second, bigger pattern. my stomach sank. when i tried the smaller crown on the baby, well, it was a bit small. i mean, it sat on top of his head, but surely wouldn't be used beyond the first birthday. so i made a second crown, based on the bigger pattern. when i tried this one on his head, it fell over his eyes! so really i have the best of both worlds, a crown that will fit this year, just barely, and a crown that he can wear in subsequent years. and some practice making birthday crowns!

and tashi completed her fuzzawumble! isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen?

p.s. i helped her with the eye. . .

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Shalet said...

Those crowns are great! I made one for my daughter this year and hope to keep it forever. :o)