Monday, March 01, 2010

homemade monday: tacky tiki

i didn't manage much hand work during the olympics. during most of it i was either holding a squirmy baby, nursing a tired baby, nursing a glass of wine, half asleep myself, totally asleep, or simply catatonic. i did embroider this tiki guy onto a onesie for tristan, mostly during the commercial breaks. i started it months ago but didn't get far before it fell into shadow on a shelf. i ironed three layers of fusible web on the back of the stretchy fabric, which was a bit much, and made stitching it quite a chore. i finally tore off a layer which made it much more pleasant a task. the onesie was once tashi's, and the tiki pattern is from my sublime stitch-it kit.

kinda sloppy, kinda silly, but something sweet to add to the birthday stash.

march on!

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