Friday, September 21, 2012

friday with friends

playgroup has been such a highlight for tristan and i, an opportunity for us both to play with others, share food, crafts, and conversation. every friday we meet in the warm home of our friend, and the hours unfold. we have open play. circle time. snack. a craft or activity. and lunch. 

in celebration of autumn eve, we made thumbprint trees today. the crafty crow leads the way again!

the food, oh the food! when you get a bunch of health conscious mamas together 
you can bet the food will be good. 

i contributed this tasty very green avocado tahini dip, a recipe i found on my friend britt's 

the cat even came out of hiding today. i think she's getting used to our raucous playgroup crowd.

tristan took a nice nap when we got home, and i spent a good chunk of time searching for recipes that used poblanos and ground beef, since i had both on hand. i found this recipe video for making poblano beef ricotta lasagna. i had ricotta left over from the skillet lasagna i made the other day, so went right to work on this one. tristan woke up mid way, but was happy to stir the bechamel sauce and munch on some spare lasagna noodles. it was delicious, if i must say so!

tristan wasn't a big fan of the mildly hot poblanos though.

once i separated them out from his serving he remained skeptical, but in better spirits.

wishing you a happy friday and a very joyful weekend welcoming autumn.

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