Thursday, September 20, 2012

thing thursday

it's a two post day. tristan is taking a bath and told me he wanted some privacy. he said, mama, will you go in the bedroom and do your work folding some sheets or something? and so here i am, "folding sheets." he is right next door, babbling to himself, and asking me a question every other sentence.

with regard to themes, on the thursdays i don't actually have something thrifty to share, i think it will simply by "thing thursday," where i talk about things in our world: crafty things, food things, household things, and so on.

so let me begin with the little acorn craft we did this morning:

sweet, no? i found a link to a picture on the crafty crow. no instructions really, but fairly self explanatory. the glue was a little messy, but tristan had fun pressing the acorn caps to the paper.

i'd also like to mention that we are enjoying stromboli lately. i used to make this fairly often when tashi was younger, and somehow fell off of it. but it's back. soooo good. tristan didn't even complain.

and a few pics of tristan sporting yia yia's latest sweater for him. very handsome, yes?

well that was just enough time to fold up a few fine "sheets." the little mister is calling me now.

until next time!

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