Tuesday, September 25, 2012

celebrating the seasons: at home on autumn equinox

we had a pretty low key autumn equinox weekend. there was a soccer game, a musical jam, playground time, a date for dan and i, tree climbing, and a downtown stroll. 

at home we we enjoyed some family time at the table, had a tea party on the deck per tristan's request, and each drew an animal card for the coming season per tashi's request. suffice it to say i have two dragon children!

i made a small rista with our tiny, potent thai peppers, while thinking good thoughts for the months to come. we have it hanging by our nature shelf.

the recent photo book i put together (for free! thank you, shutterfly) arrived on equinox morning, a great time to review our summer months.

there were also some large critters that visited us. 'tis the era of the super bugs!

there will certainly be much autumnal appreciation to come. how did you spend your weekend? 

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