Thursday, September 20, 2012

thrift thursday

we had about ten minutes before library story time to do a quick walk through my least favorite goodwill, located across the street from the library. this small haul is not particularly remarkable, but also not bad for ten minutes. the thing that gets me is the unintentional color theme. 

little pyrex baking dishes are always a good find, especially when they are under $1.

cords & a stripey shirt for the tot as autumn approaches, why yes!

i rarely pass up a mushroom. there was only one of these sweet bowl sized cups.

cute comfy skirt. and a brand new kinda cool dave matthews t-shirt. the hubs, not being a huge fan, will be appalled i'm guessing. but i don't mind me a little local dave, and frankly, quite enjoy his work. and this crafty t-shirt? love! it's kind of freaky that it even matches the skirt.

a decent ten minutes of orangey delights. i'd call that visit a win!

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