Sunday, September 16, 2012

owl in a day's work

just a little note to say, i really haven't abandoned blogging! i am trying to think of ways to be more consistent about posting. i will probably go back to matching days with themes, so stay tuned. there will surely be a handmade monday and a thrift thursday. . .

in the mean time, autumn is slowly making it's way back into our world. the days have been blissfully comfortable, with perfect light and a sweet breeze. i am settling back into routine. tristan has playgroup three times a week. there is story time at the library. there are crafts to be made and acorns to be collected. and there is sewing to do. 

my machine was broken for quite some time and the expense of fixing it was unfortunately way low on the ladder of immediate concerns. but for my birthday dan sprung to have it repaired and i can now sink into those meditative and sometimes maddening moments of stitching. i plan to sell my wares at the holiday market again this year, and so must begin to rebuild my stock. i am so very behind schedule! i finally had some time alone today to sew up this sweet set:

those owls are pretty silly and remind us of one of our favorite books, little owl lost, by chris haughton.

during one break or another today, i enjoyed this salad. i'm loving salads these days. have i mentioned that i've lost 10-15 pounds? i'm never quite sure because our scale is very wonky. but i know for certain that i can fit back into things that have been too snug for a couple of years. i have a long way to go yet. i would love to lose another 15. that is where the real challenge will come in! portion control seems to work best for me. i love to cook and i love to eat what i cook. but that is not always a good thing. portion control paired with exercise usually have immediate results for me. hula hooping has done wonders. but with the onset of autumn and all that warm winter baking to come, i need to definitely add in some more exercise.

speaking of clothes, or dryer is currently broken. and so another part of my day was spent hanging laundry, another task that is meditative, and perhaps a bit maddening!

wishing you a wonderful week filled with opportunity to hang around in the fresh air!


Michelle said...

Hi Zoe! Are you selling your bib sets online? I'm due in December and would love to order one! xo

zoe krylova said...

is this michelle smith? *** congratulations on your pregnancy *** i don't have much stock at the moment, but i'll let you know when i have a few things to choose from. i do post the photos online, and you can let me know what you are interested in. i have an etsy shop, but it's not stocked, and i've found i do better by posting them on facebook and flickr! i just looked at your fb page and saw a pregnant picture of you! i'm not sure how i didn't know, it seems like maybe your updates don't show up in my newsfeed. how exciting, so happy for you!