Tuesday, February 05, 2013

exercise inspiration

We are creatures of the earth. We grow shaggy, mounted, ruffled, and hollowed. We contain rivulets bordered by matter. We grow. 

This one life cycle is our only chance. While there are countless microclimates ­- and the length of our seasons vary - we are but spring, summer, autumn, and winter. 

One might promise to do better in the next life, but there are no promises the next life will be better. We have only this chance to influence that.

Humans are vehicles of change. We transform and are transformed. Our every step sends a drum beat through strata. All things that live stretch the fibers. Each current is part of the weave.

The more agile one is, the more fleet. How to protect the bend? How to bear the winds? How to maintain the swift?

Our hips roll us through our every day. Our torso connects us to life, as did the umbilicus.  


Dancing, hooping, swaying, birthing, building stretching. Hips in relationship. Moving with. Moved by. Centrifugal force. Centripetal. Swing of the arms, sway of the torso, bend of the back. Carrying and catching. Reinforcing the seams of our satchel. Meeting the path with fortitude and ease.

May there be a carefully tended fire at the center.

 May the joints be well anointed. 

Life might not get lighter, but the core houses one's power to lift the years.

(Some visual inspiration to keep up with core strengthening exercise, 
Tashi made this drawing five years ago! She called it Hip Mermade)

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